Control your blood glucose level and how much carbs you eat, track your glucose measurements and average blood sugar, and a lot of smart choices.

What are problems the diabetics facing ?

Every day people with diabetes face challenges no one sees: just try to keep in mind everything you eat and predict how it will affect your body.

To understand the problems and users’ experience better, the survey was conveyed. 20 respondent with diabetes answered the questions.

In general, the hypothesis made at the beginning of the research was proved: people have troubles remembering to measure blood glucose and calculate meal carbohydrates, Many respondents try to do diabetes related routine at the same time but it turners out to be difficult in practice.

Yasira Jabbar

Diabetes type 1

I need an app that calculates the amount of insulin to process my meals! Is there such an app ?

Rébecca Lemaire

Diabetes type 2

I forget to Measure my blood sugar at the same time every day, I know it's important it just drops out of my mind!

Bud Ward

Diabetes type 1

It is difficult to record data on blood sugar levels, insulin doses, and everything else in a notebook for the doctor to review.

Curtis Baldwin

Diabetes type 1

It is difficult to measure the proportion of carp in food every meal! It's very annoying to me.

Elise Chambers

Diabetes type 1

I am afraid for my son when he goes to school and I always call him to check on his blood sugar level.

Kadar Obeid

Diabetes type 2

Every day I search for foods facts and write this facts in my notebook but I'm facing difficulty when I want search for food in my notebook, is there an app that store foods and recipes with nutrition fact !?

  • 80.4%

    Find it difficult to calculate the right amount of insulin to process a meal

  • 73.48%

    Find it difficult to search for foods nutrition fact.

  • 60.6%

    Sometimes forget to measure blood glucose at the same time every day.

What is the solution of these problems ?

the solution is an application aim make lives of people with diabetes simpler.
will store a blood glucose measurements, will calculate amount carbohydrates of meals and the amount of insulin needed to process these carbohydrates.
The app will make calculations basing on personal data, so the result will be accurate and individual for every user.

Glucose levels

People, suffering from diabetes, need to be aware of their glucose levels 24/7 as such control reduces risks of complications arising from diabetes.

Food Book

Diabetics need to count the Carbohydrate of all the food eaten and take insulin dose, otherwise blood sugar rate will be too high or too low.

Insulin Dose

Diabetics need to calculation of their Insulin dose every meal and every time their glucose level need correction insulin dose.


People are likely to forget about taking Insulin dose, Glucose measurements, and Pills as they don't affect life indicators instantly.

Multiple Care

Diabetics need to Parent and Medical service providers cares.


Diabetics need to share their log report with their Doctors or Medical service providers easily.

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